Apostille Texas Car Title

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 Apostille Texas Car Titleapostille texas car title

Apostille Texas Services can obtain an apostille on your Car Title. This will give you the ability to sell or retrieve your car from another country. We will apostille it through either the Texas Secretary of the State or the Secretary of the District of Columbia in Washington, DC (Federal Apostille).

If you are currently in the county of Texas which issued the car title, you will need a local notary who will certify your document. You will need to make a color copy of the car title and the notary will attach a document called a “Copy Certification”. Be sure to use a notary from Texas where the car title was issued, and who has experience notarizing documents for foreign use. You can also contact your local DMV for assistance in notarizing the Car Title document.

If you are in another country, you can mail your car title to our office for processing. We will have our notary copy certify your documents and obtain an Apostille through the Secretary of the District of Columbia (D.C.). There is no additional cost to have your document certified in D.C.

Once You Have Obtained Your Certified Copy of Your Texas Car Title, Follow These 3 Steps:

Step 1: Mail Us Your Texas Car Title
You can mail your copy of your Texas Car Title to Texas Apostille Services

Step 2: We File Your Texas Car Title
Once we receive your car title,  we will rush your Texas car title to authenticate your documents at the Texas Secretary of State in Austin, TX

Step 3: We Return Your Apostille Texas Car Title
Once we have obtained your apostille or authentication certificate, we’ll mail all your documents back to you or we can mail them anywhere in the world that you want us to send them.

Call us to discuss the best option to get your Apostille Texas Car Title so you won’t lose time and money.


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