Apostille Texas Marriage Certificate

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apostille texas marriage certificate

Apostille Texas Marriage Certificate

Apostille Texas Marriage Certificate,  ATS provide fast service for marriage certificates. Because of the unique requirements of Texas, we recommend that you mail a certified copy issued by The State Registrar or local county clerk. If your marriage Certificate is misplaced or destroyed, Apostille Texas Services recommends you order a new certified copy by visiting

If the country requesting the Marriage Certificate is not a member of the Hague Apostille Convention, then the documents may require further authentication through the U.S. Department of State in Washington, D.C. and legalization through the Embassy / Consulate office.

There is a growing reasons why another country would request an apostille on a Marriage Certificate is:

dual citizenship, interest & ownership in property, moving or working in another country, inheritance, or death of a spouse

If you plan in advance to get your marriage certificate apostille it will make organizing your reasoning for it straight forward. Contact our office, and establish exactly what documents will require an apostille stamp.

Step 1: Attain Your Marriage License
you request and attain from the county clerk’s office in the Texas county of where you filed for marriage an original or certified copy (note: it can not be a notarized copy) marriage certificate, marriage license, or a marriage verification letter issued from Texas Vital Statistics

Step 2: Mail Us Your Texas Marriage License
You, the county clerk’s office, or Texas Vital Statistics mails your marriage license, marriage certificate, or marriage verification letter directly to us

Step 3: We File Your Texas Marriage License
Once we receive your marriage license, marriage certificate or marriage verification letter, we rush apostille or authenticate your documents at the Texas Secretary of State in Austin, TX

Step 4: We Return Your Apostille Texas Marriage License
Once we have obtained your apostille or authentication certificate, we’ll mail all your documents back to you or we can mail them anywhere in the world that you want us to send them

Call us to discuss the best option to get your Apostille Texas Marriage License so you won’t lose time and money.


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