Apostille Texas Travel Consent Form

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apostille texas travel consent formApostille Texas Travel Consent Form

Apostille Texas Travel Consent Form – ATS can quickly obtain apostilles for travel consent forms in the state of Texas. The original travel consent form should be mailed to us instead of a copy.

Note: Use a local notary

The notary will know the correct forms to use as well as the proper way to stamp your document.

Travel consent forms are usually needed when a minor is traveling internationally with an adult. These forms need to be notarized and apostilled before they can be translated and used in the destination country. The travel consent forms need to be in English before they can be apostilled.

Obtaining an Apostille Texas Travel Consent Form, can be a complicated process and should not be left to someone that does not understand all of the steps involved. A person that is not well trained and doesn’t know all of the tasks involved for certification in each country are more likely to make costly mistakes, which will delay the processing of your documents for days, weeks, or even months.

Once You Have Obtained Your Copy of Your Texas Travel Consent Form, Follow These 3 Steps:

Step 1: Mail Us Your Texas Travel Consent Form
You will mail your Texas Travel Consent Form letter directly to Texas Apostille Services

Step 2: We File Your Texas Travel Consent Form
Once we receive your Texas travel consent form,  we will rush your Texas form to the Texas Secretary of State in Austin, TX

Step 3: We Return Your Apostille Texas Travel Consent Form
Once we have obtained your apostille or authentication certificate, we’ll mail all your documents back to you or we can mail them anywhere in the world that you want us to send them.

Call us to discuss the best option to get your Apostille Texas Travel Consent Form so you won’t lose time and money.


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