Apostille Texas US Passport

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Apostille Texas US Passport

apostille texas us passport

Apostille Texas US Passport – ATS provides apostille service for persons needing U.S. Passports for use in other countries.

ATS can authenticate your passport once we receive the original from you. You can also meet with a local notary who can certify a color copy of your passport.

Many countries that are apart of the Hague Convention, may want color copies of each page while some will only need the page with your picture and signature. This can be talked about with the destination country before you send it to us.

Make sure that you use a local notary that has experience notarizing documents for foreign use. The notary will know the correct forms to use, which will avoid delays.

Obtaining an Apostille Texas US Passport can be a complicated process and should not be left to an inexperienced person that doesn’t know all of the steps involved.

An inexperienced person can make errors, which will delay the processing of your US Passport for days, weeks, or even months.

So, Follow These 3 Steps Once You Have Obtained Your Certified Copy of Your US Passport:

Step 1: Mail Us Your Copy of Your US Passport
You mail your certified color copy of your US Passport directly to Apostille Texas Services

Step 2: We File Your Certified Copy of Your US Passport
Once we receive your certified copy of your US Passport we will rush your documents to the Texas Secretary of State in Austin, TX

Step 3: We Return Your Apostilled US Passport
Once we have obtained your apostille or authentication certificate, we’ll mail all your documents back to you or we can mail them anywhere in the world that you want us to send them.

Call us to discuss the best option to get your US Passport apostilled so you won’t lose time and money.


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